QIP Training Services

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning assists organisations to be prepared in case of an incident or crisis while ensuring efficient response strategies are in place. This is an important component of private practice due to the nature of business operations.

QIP Consulting’s business continuity planning workshops cover specific areas within a private practice, identifying potential risks as well as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Beyond accreditation: Private practice and sustainable business models
Accreditation plays an important role in ensuring efficient business processes are in place while also implementing continuous quality improvements. This workshop outlines additional opportunities your general practice may like to implement to improve business outcomes.

Private practice and enhancing clinical care
There are multiple ways to enhance the health care service your general practice provides patients.

General practice nursing staff
Nurses are an important part of a general practice’s clinical team.

General practice reception staff
Reception staff play a vital role in the efficient running of a general practice.

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