QIP Training Services

Professional Development

These workshops provide managers and leaders with tips and models to support them in effectively handling a variety of situations within the workplace. These education sessions will also provide managers and leaders with solutions to ensure staff are engaged in a positive work environment.

Implementing change and program implementation

This workshop is designed to develop leaders and enable managers to improve productivity and realise their goals despite the obstacles and change happening to become allies in that change.

A coaching model for facilitating productivity improvements, implementing programs, project initiation, etc. This workshop will address the potential preferences of individual / teams using the RESULTS Model to provide the basis for a behaviourally oriented coaching process.

Sustainable leadership

The program will help build sustainable leadership capability through increased competency and personal insight. Thought provoking discussion aids personal
reflection on motivating emotional and psychological factors, helping to understand how to work with strengths and increasing our capacity to operate from a strategic perspective. The content here is left open as we have several levels of focus depending on the seniority of those involved (GMs, Business Managers, C-Suite, etc) and we seek some guidance and intelligence from you on your membership / contact base breakdown.

Understanding and managing crucial conversations

When emotions get turned up, conversations can easily get out of control.
Practise how to improve your behaviour during those most vulnerable and usually dysfunctional moments with employees, clients or bosses.

Understanding and creating positive workplaces through engagement

This is a performance-coaching program based on the ENGAGE model and process.
The program is designed to support management in creating positive, pleasant, meaningful and effective engagement states that result in individuals and teams directing their resources and self-determination towards specific goals that lead to fulfilment and achievement.

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