Stacy Kambouris

General Manager, QIP Consulting

Stacy is an experienced QIP Assessor and AHPRA registered nurse who has more than 25 years health sector experience including positions in health care management and policy development in addition to hands-on clinical work. He has worked with organisations across the entire Australian healthcare continuum including Hospitals, Day Surgeries, Aboriginal Medical Services, General Practices (inclusive of corporate groups) and many more. Having undertaken consultancy positions for a number of years, Stacy has transformed small and large-scale health and community service organisations by implementing risk management strategies, quality frameworks and best practice systems and processes.

Stacy has recently transitioned from his role of General Manager of Operations with the AGPAL Group of Companies, to undertake the Role of General Manager, Education, Innovation and QIP Consulting with the same Group. This role has allowed him to revisit the dynamic and flexible nature of consulting where Stacy’s passion lies.

In this position as General Manager of Operations for the AGPAL Group of Companies, Stacy had oversight of every set of standards under the Group’s banner and held responsibility for the contracted surveyor and assessor workforce. Stacy is incredibly passionate about accreditation and the process of quality improvement, having had experience from the client, assessor and accreditor side of the process.

Stacy has a vast knowledge of the application of the RACGP and NSQHS Standards, allowing him to assist healthcare providers to improve patient safety and quality of care while achieving and maintaining accreditation through regular auditing and quality improvement frameworks.

His understanding of corporate governance and clinical standards maintenance was honed during his tenure in the Division of the Chief Health Officer, Queensland Health. He is equipped with a comprehensive and diverse range of executive skills, which see him build strong working relationships to achieve desired results.

Stacy is a down-to-earth yet highly driven leader with an ability to engage individuals and teams, and to deliver quality outcomes.

Headshot of QIP General Manager, Stacy Kambouris

Riley O'Hanlon

National Manager, QIP Consulting

Riley O’Hanlon has extensive experience in the comprehension, application and compliance of a number of healthcare standards and their associated guidelines. Riley spent time serving as the AGPAL Client Liaison Officer for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, which allowed her to build knowledge on a vast array of accreditation related topics such as clinical governance, infection control, human resource management, safety and quality, risk management and cold chain management.

In her position as National Manager of QIP Consulting, Riley has gained extensive experience in development of standards, associated resources and templates, bespoke document creation and review, and she performs gap assessments for organisations across Australia. Standards review and development is one of Riley’s passions, and she has been involved in, or has led, the development of several standards packages and pilot studies for organisations to develop internal quality frameworks for corporate organisations, as well as publicly available national standards frameworks.

Riley has spent most of her career in the medical industry, and has prior expertise in pathology and disease research. Mental health, multiculturalism, domestic violence and suicide prevention are personal topics of focus.

Riley’s approach is supportive, patient and collaborative, and she has a firm focus on tailoring her services to the needs of the client in order to encourage lasting and continuous quality improvement.

National Manager, QIP Consulting, Riley O'Hanlon

Ryanne McIvor

Senior Coordinator, QIP Consulting

Ryanne spent several years serving as the Senior Coordinator to the AGPAL Operations team with the AGPAL Group of Companies. After a brief hiatus, Ryanne has re-joined the Group of Companies and brings the wealth of knowledge she collected during her time at AGPAL to the QIP Consulting team. Ryanne’s interests lie in patient safety, continuous quality improvement and the development and implementation of efficient, streamlined systems and processes.

Ryanne has extensive experience in the development of standards frameworks, internal quality management frameworks and operational documents for organisations throughout the health and community services sector.

Standards of interest for Ryanne include the National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards, the RACGP Standards for General Practices and the National Standards for Mental Health Services. Ryanne performs gap assessments across Australia and has a passion for innovative approaches to quality assurance.

Ryanne coordinates QIP Consulting’s audit, mentoring, education and supervision services for practitioners across Australia who have conditions imposed on their registration. She has a supportive and non-judgemental approach to all projects, and aims to get the best outcome for every client she works alongside.

Ryanne is passionate about building strong client relationships and driving quality.