When you get the right balance of strategy and leadership, your business is onto something great. But there’s always room for improvement, and often there are new factors that need to be considered. Perfecting your business strategies can take time and energy, and finding effective leaders can be just as challenging.

We offer strategy consulting and leadership consulting offerings for all organisations, not just those in healthcare. QIP Consulting takes the hard work out of big-picture planning, to provide more time to focus on your daily priorities.

Understanding the essential role strategy and leadership plays within a business, our team takes the time to understand the essence of your health or community service, to ensure your values, goals and team culture are considered as part of our project planning. Our services are delivered in a way that empowers your team to support implementation and to maintain promising strategic and leadership skills now and into the future.

Business continuity planning

Looking at business areas such as staff changes, data breaches and natural disasters, we’ll develop a plan to ensure your business is prepared for any threats preventing it from running smoothly.

Our team can prepare and help to implement a contingency plan and recovery plan that safeguards your business, products and services in the face of potential and actual risks, threats, and crises.

Business management

Our business management services can support you to improve the ‘health’ of your business, or to assist in developing key skills across your business that may be lacking.

We will take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business to provide you with practical and cost-effective strategies in areas where you need them most.

Based on your goals we will work together with you to improve business performance, supported by our provision of expert advice and specialised expertise.

Business planning

To guide the future direction of your business it is important to have a plan.

QIP Consulting provides tailored business planning solutions to equip you with an overview of your business' goals and objectives and the practical strategies to help you achieve them. Our analysis is thorough, including internal and external factors, to assist you in understanding the ‘big-picture potential’ available to your business.

We will leave you with an easy-to-follow business plan with options for timely monitoring, review and updates as required.

Change management

While change can spark peoples nerves, with the right change management approach, change can fuel passion, engagement and welcome opportunities.

Whether you have a clear direction of the required change for your business, or know something needs to change, our team will assist you to effectively manage and implement that change. We will define the required activities to make your change a success, and support you to successfully embed and sustain these changes across the business.

Executive and staff mentoring

QIP Consulting’s pool of consultants has a wide range of expertise, knowledge and insights that will be sure to motivate, invigorate and develop teams or individuals. We have the ability to supply short- or long-term mentors to many different roles across the health and community sectors. Should your organisation require executive mentoring, specific staff mentoring, or any other form of mentoring - particularly in the healthcare and community services sectors for a range of healthcare professional jobs, we are able to assist.

Whether team members are new to a role, looking for improvement opportunities or looking to expand responsibilities, QIP Consultants can guide them through professional development processes. Mentoring programs are available for all levels of roles, from board executives through to administrative staff.

Our mentoring can be utilised for clinician audits as part of AHPRA Schedule of Conditions.

Marketing and social media strategy

Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! Reach your social media goals with a social media marketing strategy, learn how to social network, utilise media in healthcare settings and much more. Our consultants feature a range of experts who can assist from community and healthcare marketing, community and healthcare social media.

We will work with you to develop a personalised marketing strategy which will outline what your business needs to do in order to showcase your expertise, service offerings and commitment to consumers, while increasing revenue, clients and business exposure.

Our team will develop a plan that allows your business to build positive brand reputation and strengthen trust between you and your consumers. Additionally, we will ensure your business has a strong online presence while adhering to relevant codes, legislation and advertising requirements.

Governance planning package

The governance package includes a strategic planning day run by a QIP Consultant, development of a clinical governance framework for your business, mentoring and advice for roles and responsibilities identified within the framework, and the provision of associated documents to ensure a strong governance structure throughout your business.

Quality improvement systems

Whether your business is engaged in the process of accreditation or not, quality improvements always help to drive high standards across your business.

We offer varying levels of quality improvement support and monitoring to identify gaps and provide you with a plan to outline timelines and actions to implement improvement activities. These can include quality improvement systems or quality management systems (sometimes know as a QMS).

Package options range from complete coordination through to quarterly check-ins, and the supply of auditing tools and registers to track quality improvements within your business.

Risk management

Our risk management consulting service will help your organisation create a stable business that is prepared for unexpected events by reviewing internal and external risks.

We will assist you in identifying risks and offer the opportunity to consider various impacts such as social, cultural, political and regional issues, economic, technology and competitive trends, government policies and law, as well your business aims, policies and strategies.

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